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Art Gallery Spotlight - Michael Bollinger

 Our April Gallery features the artwork of Michael Bollinger. Stop by to see his beautiful paintings in person. His artwork will be on display in our gallery through the end of April. 

A little more about Michael -  A native to Central Virginia, Michael Bollinger has been involved in creating art since a very young age. As a kindergartner he entertained his classmates by drawing popular cartoon characters on the chalkboard. His peers enjoyed guessing which character it was before completion. Michael sold his first drawing in the third grade for forty cents. As he grew, so did his love for drawing, and other mediums, to the point where he would spend hours at the desk. He would also often be on the floor pressing on a cutting board, creating comic books or scenes from the deepest recesses of his imagination.

As a young man, Michael took art classes during the summer and throughout his education as a Graduate of Clover Hill High School, class of 1990. Next, he got his Associates in Dental Technology through J. Sergeant Reynolds and the MCV program.  He then moved onto Virginia Commonwealth University to dive into art and illustration courses. 

Michael’s first piece of art to sell as an adult was through the Judy Newcomb Gallery. He has also had art shows at the Virginia Public Library, Metro Sound and Music Gallery, Visual Arts Studio, Gallery 5, Area 51 restaurant, among many others.

Michael believes, “Art is a creative outlet that ever so often brings us closer to God. It’s a beautiful gift we all can exercise.” His wife Lauren, affords him the time he needs in their busy lives to work on his paintings. They have three rapidly growing girls, Hannah (eleven), and twins, Mary and Jeanie (six).  All three of the girls express an interest in art. They are all very creative forces in their own right. 

The community, Brandermill and its surrounding neighborhoods, offer amazing visual backdrops. It’s blinding water sunsets, architecture, wild life, and forestry provide seemingly endless possibilities to digest and paint. That’s what Michael has been focused on lately; landscapes, taking a turn from surrealism and abstract subjects. “I haven’t had this much fun painting since I was a kid.” Also, “The great thing about art is that no one owns creativity. It invites everyone and every expression.” - Michael Bollinger





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