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January's Artist Spotlight - Alva Davies

“I did not know I could draw until 2001. While working at a call center I would often doodle to pass the time.  A man once asked me which art school I went to, so I invested in some art supplies and began making more art.” 

Alva Davies grew up in England and has lived in St Louis, Illinois, Alabama, Texas, and Virginia. She left England as a 20 yr old newly wed and her inspiration comes from an intense longing for her childhood home. She vividly recalls the English woods and streams of her childhood with her Dad and dog. She pulls from magazines, calendars, and memory in her work to portray scenic structures, flowers, and birds. 

Her detailed pen and ink drawings leave no stone unturned. Priced from $15, these make beautiful gifts and are available for purchase in our cafe through the end of January


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