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Here at the Art Factory we believe art-loving kids need more opportunities to develop their talents and be rewarded for their creative accomplishments. That is why we are rolling out a new learning program, Art Academy by the Art Factory!

The Art Academy is a comprehensive art education program for kids ages 4 & up. This program is different from other classes offered at the Art Factory.

Each learning unit is based on an appropriate age group curriculum framework designed by our very own art education experts.

Much like scout programs, Art Academy students will learn specific concepts and skills while completing various tasks to earn buttons they can display on their class apron.

Each Academy level will have their own curriculum plan that is designated using apron colors and buttons. Students will collect and display their awards throughout their time in the Academy.

Each Art Academy level has its own button requirements based on age and ability. Requirements all follow a basic framework and are completed over five classes.

Both Art Adventures and Art Foundations will be offered in the morning for our homeschooled families as well as in the afternoons. We've added Art Club to this program as the next step after Foundations.

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