Spooky String Art - Ghost
Spooky String Art - Ghost

Spooky String Art - Ghost

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Make your very own string art at home with our new Spooky String Art Box!  Your kit will include everything you need(except a hammer) to make your string art.

Box Includes:

  • 8"x11" wood board
  • sand paper
  • string art stencil
  • wood stain*
  • cotton stain rag
  • gloves
  • nails
  • string*

*Colors included with your kit will be the colors shown in the photo unless otherwise specified.  Please include any color requests in the order notes.

Available stain colors - black, white, brown, burgundy, pink, blue, green, or gray.

Available string colors - black, white, orange, green, purple, blue, red, mint, light blue, pink, yellow, or peach.