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Art Gallery Spotlight - Karen Suderman

Karen Suderman is an award-winning artist whose artwork belongs to private collections in Texas, New York, Washington D.C., and Alaska. A professional artist since 2001, Karen has lived in Brandermill for the last seven years with her husband and three children. She uses the area’s natural aesthetic as a source for inspiration. She also enjoys teaching art classes, which allows her to share her love of the arts with all ages and abilities. 

Artist statement:
Art is all around us, in everything that is alive. But how often do we see it?
My goal is to slow down time, create space and provide a unique perspective for the viewer to see the beauty in the familiar and the sublime in the ordinary. There’s a landscape in a fingernail, if you choose to see it. 
My images depict parts of the natural world in ways meant to be both unique and familiar. I paint sections of living things, altering their size to make them more noticable. I apply layers that change their spatial reference. Staying true to the colors and line in each form, they are a mix of what’s there and what is uncovered through the artistic process. 
I want you to notice the connections between lines, not just the lines themselves, the colors and the relationship between them, the space between things. Our world was painted by a master artist, my job is to help you see it.  
For more information and to see more examples of my work, please visit:

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