Welcome to the Art Factory:

Here at the Art Factory we believe art-loving kids need more opportunities to develop their talents and be rewarded for their creative accomplishments. That is why we are rolling out a new learning program, Art Academy by the Art Factory!

The Art Academy is a comprehensive art education program for kids ages 4 & up. This program is different from other classes offered at the Art Factory. Each learning unit is based on an appropriate age group curriculum framework designed by our very own art education experts.

Much like scout programs, Art Academy students will learn specific concepts and skills while completing various tasks to earn buttons they can display on their class apron.

Each Academy level will have their own curriculum plan that is designated using apron colors and buttons. Students will collect and display their awards throughout their time in the Academy.

Each Art Academy level has its own button requirements based on age and ability. Requirements all follow a basic framework and are completed over five classes.

Both Art Adventures and Art Foundations will be offered in the morning for our homeschooled families as well as in the afternoons. We've added Art Club to this program as the next step after Foundations.

about the concept or technique

PLAY a game, do a fun activity or read a book that reinforces the concept

LOOK at and discuss artwork that is inspired by the concept or displays the technique

CREATE two works of art that incorporates what was learned


Session 4: Balance begins on January 24th/25th
Session 5: Michelangelo begins on March 7th/8th
Session 6: Picasso begins April 25th/26th

Use the links below to register online

about the concept

PRACTICE the concept through sketches or visual activities in a provided art journal

LOOK at and discuss an inspiring source (artwork, artist, illustrator, designer, etc)

CREATE two works of art, in two different mediums, that incorporate what was learned

TALK about each other’s art. Participate in a class critique of final projects

Use the links below to register online

Session 4: Balance begins on January 24th/25th
Session 5: Michelangelo begins on March 7th/8th
Session 6: Picasso begins April 25th/26th

Art Club is now part of our popular Art Academy program as the next step up from Art Foundations.

Art Club is for kids in 6th grade and up and meets on Thursdays from 4:30 - 6:00.
Each session includes five “meetings” with a week break between sessions to allow for make-up days. At the end of a session, a student will have a portfolio of sketches and finished art pieces based on a certain theme. The session’s theme will help guide the ideas and instruction for those five weeks and students are encouraged to design their own projects that fit within the theme and the portfolio requirements. Each session will also focus on a particular medium so students are always being introduced to new techniques. Meetings will begin with a “chat” about the theme, discussing any portfolio requirements, looking at our work-in-progress and helping each other with ideas or constructive criticism and/or learning about the focused medium for that session. Everyone will then work for the remainder of the time at their own pace and level with an instructor there to help. Students are encouraged to work at home as well as take advantage of the Art Factory’s open studio times to finish any work that is not completed during the allotted class time.

As a part of the Art Academy, Art Club students will need to purchase an apron from the Art Factory that they can customize with paint or tie-dye and they will earn buttons for both serious and silly accomplishments through-out the year. Each Art Club meeting includes a complimentary cafe beverage and any student who participates in a session of Art Club is eligible to be part of our annual gallery show in June to display and/or sell work.



-Three sketches related to the theme. These are rough sketches and are only judged on effort.

  • -One finished two-dimensional work of any size or medium. This project can be a sketch that is finished to be a pencil drawing or painting.
  • -One other work of art that fits the theme and is created in the “medium of the month”.

Thursdays 4:30-6pm

Session 4: Balance begins on January 26th
Session 5: Michelangelo begins on March 9th
Session 6: Picasso begins April 27th
Annual Art Club Gallery Show: June 1st to hang art work, June 2nd Private Reception for show


An Art Academy apron is required to attend these classes.
When registering for your child's first Art Academy class, please add an apron to your registration at checkout. They will receive their apron on their first day of class.

Once your child advances to the Art Foundations or Art Club age group, then they will need to purchase an Art Foundations or Club apron. Art Adventures aprons are bright yellow, Art Foundations aprons are bright blue and Art Club are white.

Each session consists of five 1 hour classes. Buttons will be awarded to each child at the end of the last class.

All art supplies for these classes are provided by the Art Factory.

A sibling discount of 10% is automatically included.