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May Gallery Artist Spotlight

You may recognize Tessa as the manager of our coffee shop, but when she clocks out at the cafe, she goes home to paint. These pieces are part of a collection titled “Chasing Golden Skies”. Tessa's art will be on display throughout the month of May. She has prints available and also enjoys painting custom wedding bouquets! 


A mother and wife, Tessa lives in Virginia and spends most of her spare time making lattes and trying to figure out how to organize her plethora of art supplies.
"I have fallen in love with the idea that my greatest piece of art will always be my life. Every cup of coffee poured, every floral bouquet arranged, every note written, and every nighttime lullaby sung is an opportunity for expression. I hope my work reminds you to romanticize the wildflowers along the side of the highway, and the way the bubbles swim in your evening bath, and the mug you hold every morning. There is beauty to be found in every inhale. Breathe deeply.”



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